-By far, the absolute best book in print, pertaining to a specific company. The photos are amazing. It is also an honor to have some of my marbles included. - Mark Forrester

-A stellar book, phenomenal pictures, a real tour de force on Peltier. Much needed information with pictures of hard to find examples & rarities. - Craig Cerny

-Action packed. Worth the wait, and much needed. I can't guess how many painstaking hours went into compiling information and taking photographs for this book. - Laurie Pavone

- A must have reference for marble collectors through representation including hard to find examples. excellent photos. - Jay Gruber


-This is a gorgeous book. - Mike Barton

-Great book with beautiful pictures. - Ernie & Dani Kirk

-Best marble book ever!!. - Walter Stewart

-Great contribution to the hobby. - Bill Tite

-Compared to some marble books of the past 30 years - this one is excellent - pictures are clear, large and extensive text seems to cover spectrum of contributions to marbles that came out of Ottawa, Illinois. - Steve Nelsen

-The book should re-excite current Peltier collectors and bring in new ones. I learned a lot just checking it out.  Peltier can be looked at as America's marble. - Jeff Wichmann